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What are you doing with the time don’t spend commuting during the COVID19 pandemic? Some of us are sleeping longer, going out for extra long runs, sewing face masks to supply medical workers or neighbors, spending time in the “classroom” with our kids…

You could also be watching a motivational videos to inspire you to make better choices on the job and for your career, learning or growing a skill, maybe even expanding your data and storytelling know-how to make new discoveries about COVID19.

Here are a few suggestions:

Salesforce hosts a #LeadingThroughChange webinar and webcast series. Presenters include business superstars and entertainers like:

  1. Mark Cuban (April 8, sign up here), entrepreneur, Shark Tank judge and Dallas Mavericks owner. He will talk about how to make it through the COVID19 pandemic and come out stronger

Tableau offers:

  1. A free COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Data Hub — It’s a publicly available set of data resources to help and inform business leaders and the broader public to make data-driven decisions in the context of the coronavirus outbreak. The data hub includes visualizations from around the world, a fully-prepped (and regularly updated) Johns Hopkins dataset, and datasets from a broad range of institutions and partners.

Microsoft is offering:

  1. It’s (free for now) Skype-owned Meet Now video service which lets users conduct video calls without signing up or downloading the app. It offers features like recording the video call, blurring the background, screen sharing, etc. Skype notes that the video recordings are stored for up to 30 days, and shared media even longer. Moreover, the Skype video call link works on any device. The motivation here is to help and familiarize workers with the service while staying at home and maintaining social distance .

LinkedIn offers:

A free LinkedIn Learning track: Remote Working: Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success. It includes 16 courses ranging from Time Management: Working from Home, Productivity Tips, Learning Your Productive Mindset, Thriving @ Work: Leveraging the Connection between Well-Being and Productivity (with Ariana Huffington) and 13 more.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so please let us know which others we should feature.

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