If your board of directors looks like this, you have problems

Guest Post by By Merilee A. Kern, MBA

The numbers are dishearteningly revealing. As recently as late 2020, women reportedly held less than a quarter of board seats among America’s largest publicly-traded companies on the Russell 3000 and, even on a global scale, women also held less than a quarter of board of director (BoD) seats that year. In fact, not only do countless global companies not have a single woman on their board, the paltry percent of women who actually chair boards exemplifies an even greater disparity. This as approximately 7.4% of the 500 largest public U.S. …

Activist investor firm Starboad Value and its managing member Peter Feld are none too happy with the way that Aaron Levie is running Box. In a letter to shareholders they announced that they will be looking to get more seats on the company’s board of directors and, quite frankly, to interfere with the way the company is being run. Despite the pandemic and the world working from home, Box’s stock hasn’t risen as much as other SaaS firms.

Starboard says this is why Box is blowing it

In a letter to shareholders, Starboard, which owns more than 7% of the company, wrote, “Unfortunately, (Box’s) execution has fallen well short…

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna not only likes to shop, but he like to sell companies too. In the last 15 days he has signed definitive agreements to acquire process mining company myInvenio and Turbonomic, a company focused on application resource and network performance management. Though it didn’t seem to make many headlines, Big Blue also agreed to sell its Talent Acquisition Suite which it describes as “a family of cloud offerings that help you hire, engage, and retain great talent by combining recruiting, onboarding, and talent management solutions with industry-leading enterprise social software.”

But this

In a press release, IBM said that…

Last week Confluent, maker of an enterprise-grade, hybrid streaming platform based on Apache Kafka, confidentially filed for its IPO. Its customers and prospective investors are eagerly waiting for its S-1 filing to drop so that they can find out about the inner workings of the company’s business, how much money it makes, whether it’s profitable and more.

Onlookers will also be curious about who the company names as its competitors, what their capabilities are, and whether they are a threat to Confluent’s long term success. While sites like Gartner Peer Insights note that everyone from Cloudera to Databricks, Google, IBM

By Darren Roos, Chief Executive Officer, IFS

Speaking with business leaders from a wide variety of industries, I have summarized some of the trends and challenges that our customers are facing. Even though some of the topics are not brand new, I believe they have been given a new importance and urgency by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They may provide new perspectives on a brave new decade that, admittedly, got off to a rocky start.

1. Business turns “remote everything” as servitization comes to the fore (again)

The interest among manufacturers to transform their traditional products into services isn’t a new trend. …

Most consumers who ordered custom built motor vehicles last year left automobile showrooms less elated than they would have liked to. Instead of carrying a receipts and a projected pick-up dates in their hands, most weren’t told exactly when their purchases would be delivered.

Why? Because the earth was in the midst of a global pandemic, of course. And, even once vehicle assembly plants reopened, it didn’t mean that the same was true for the manufacturers and suppliers of the 30,000+ components that it takes to build a car or SUV. In fact, in many cases, builds couldn’t even be…

A graph database is a database that uses a graph structure. This database uses nodes and edges (relationships) to represent and store data. Each node represents an entity (such as a biological entity), and each edge represents a connection or relationship between two nodes. The key concept of this system is a graph structure (organized by nodes and edges) for connections among the stored data. The graph database is more expressive and significantly simpler than traditional relational databases and other NoSQL databases and is very useful for situations with heavily interconnected data. Especially, the graph database is specialized to represent…

Depending on whose data you find credible, anywhere between 20 and 50 percent of employees plan to quit their jobs once the pandemic ends. So, if you’re manager, it’s time to figure out who’s likely to resign and why. At least that way you’ll still have an opportunity to try to turn it around, if you want.

Productivity intelligence software maker, Prodscore, recently looked at more than 2M data points (mostly form Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace) generated by 3,000–5,000 employees over a 12-week period and pinpointed a number of key indicators that a worker will quit.

Comes in late…

Modern businesses get it, user experience is everything. And much of that experience centers around content — employee onboarding documents, capital building drawings, new drug submissions, engineering designs, purchase orders, insurance claims…you name it. Whether content services users are working with customers, employees, business partners, regulators, and/or others, a few things are key; namely, providing the right information to the right person or process, at the right time, in the right context and in accordance to policy. And while this can be accomplished a few different ways, “the future of the workplace is digital,” according to Mark Barrenechea, CEO and…

Box CEO Aaron Levie might have bought himself a brief reprieve. Last week his company announced that it had entered into an agreement in which private equity firm KKR will invest $500 million into the Redwood City, Calif firm. The investment is expected to take place in May after Box announces its quarterly results.

While Box-watchers expected a deal of some sort, many of the company’s investors were hoping that Levie and team would be forced to sell the company at an ambitious price. Most think that the chances of that happening anytime soon are slim given that KKR is…

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